May 21, 2010

Best ever lipstick

I'm on to my second lipstick in the Chanel Aqualumiére range and I absolutely love the formulation. If, like me, you don't wear full on lipstick but favour lipstains (I used to get laughed at in my younger years for applying lipstick, wiping most of it off, then declaring 'I'm ready'!), then you might like this too.

My first colour was Amalfi (a vibrant peachy pink), and now I'm on to Porto Rodondo, which is more red. I think I will go back to Amalfi next time as it's so utterly wearable and lovely, though the red is fun for now. And it's a red you are not fully committed to due to it being a lip shine.

So good. I do love Chanel makeup.