Apr 24, 2011

When 'no-shampoo' isn't quite enough

Long time writing, I know...

Right now my hair is oiled up, and so is my face for that matter. Luckily my husband is away. Some things must be indulged in solo.

This week I have been seriously thinking about buying shampoo for the first time in two years (two years this May since going shampoo-free, excluding hairdresser visits). Quelle horreur! Now I think I may just need to introduce regular hair treatments into my no-shampoo regime. Hence the oiled hair. The face oil treatment is one I've just made, consisting of beeswax, shea butter, jojoba oil and olive oil. Based on my experience with shea butter, I think if this was used regularly my face would turn on me, but as an occasional facial treatment I'm positive it will be beneficial. I remember reading a quote from a dermatologist, saying that every now and then olive oil in place of your nightly moisturiser is beneficial. It gives your skin a nice break from the complexities of facial moisturiser, and is very rich.

One topic I've been meaning to blog about is the acupuncture facelift. It's in a book of mine, and it goes through the steps for tightening and lifting various parts of the face. It sounds so good, and apparently there are acupuncture facelift specialists who have been doing this for years. If you were to do it at home, it's a matter of being disciplined and going through the steps each day. I find the older I get, the less-disciplined I get in some areas, which is unfortunate as I'd really like to persevere with this. I'll try to find the time to post about it soon. Ish.