Aug 18, 2009

first shampoo wash

The day I was dreading - going to the hairdresser and getting my first shampoo wash in over three months. The smell of it was sweet and chemically and detergenty, and overall rather artificial. It did feel really soft afterward, but I noticed when it was dried it didn't have the same shine as it does when rinsing with ACV. And for the first time since starting the no-shampoo regime I was forced to use styling product! The next day I washed my hair with bicarb and found it (surprise surprise) much easier to style. But I won't be sharing any pictures here yet of my new haircut. You know how hairdressers get a little enthusiastic with the scissors? I asked for a long eye-brow skimming fringe (bangs), and so she cut it (higher than I would have liked), and then went on to chip into when it was dry. So, you guessed it, my fringe is shorter than I had hoped for. She even said 'you'll look like a little girl with a fringe' at the exact same time the scissors sliced off about 4 inches of hair. Way to go, Terri!

Back in my teens this would have been such a drama for me, but now I know it'll all change within 2-4 weeks. I do think hair grows faster by not using regular shampoo and conditioner, if only for the vigorous massage required with the no-poo method.

I remember, back in my late teens, getting my hair cut from long to very short and the depressive slump that followed. I couldn't believe the difference in the way I was treated. Before, men would hold the door for me. With short hair, they were pushing ahead of me. I felt invisible. Again, I was an emotionally-charged teen and this probably all sounds melodramatic, but it was real for me then.

Apart from my 'little' fringe, the rest of the haircut is really nice and maybe in a few weeks I'll have the haircut I was hoping for. Damn that gorgeous French lady I met at a (children's) party last week, with her bouncy brunette fringe brushing over her big doe eyes. I think I was listening to what she was saying...

So in place of a picture of me, here's a picture of the gorgeous Anne Hathaway with perfect brunette bangs.