Jun 23, 2010

Oil-Cleansing Method

Posts are slow on this site but that doesn't mean things aren't happening! I am still religiously shampoo-free, and still loving it. I recall I started in May 09 so it's over a year now and I'm still very happy.

Lately I've been playing around with facial cleansers. It probably started when I ran out, and up until that point I'd been using Trilogy and then Sukin. All lovely ingredients within, but I just wanted something simple yet effective plus a product I wasn't really reliant on to go out and buy. The other day my sister said she is trying the oil cleansing method for cleansing her face.

Intrigued I read about it here on the advice of my dear sister, and then promptly went out and bought the castor oil to add to the extra virgin olive oil I had in the pantry. It's such a simple concept (like the baking soda/ apple cider vinegar wash for hair) yet after my first go at it I am really pleased, and intend on sticking with it. My skin is normal to slightly sensitive, so simple things are best for it. My sister swears it removes all makeup. I don't wear heavy eye makeup so can't attest to its powers there but have read it is effective. Castor oil is the purifying oil, which explains why I wasn't left with an oil slick on my skin. It felt moisturised and not at all oily.

You can read about the method here.

The author of the blog said she now eschews moisturiser, saying the oil cleanse itself is enough for her skin. Wow! And, as always, the added bonus is not having to spend money on expensive products with big claims and mysterious ingredients. Highly recommended.

And she also wrote about her thoughts on going shampoo-free here.

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