May 22, 2009

hair & skin

Still so far, so good. You get great shine with the bicarb/ACV method so my serums sit lonely and neglected in the bathroom cupboard. Ditto for the bodifying products and irritating attempts to put body into the roots such as the old 'comb-teasing'.

A few weeks back I even did a coffee rinse for my brown hair. Brendan saw me, and said I should still be back living in my ramshackle cottage in the country. I was raking out used coffee grinds from our machine for this. I won't do it again though as it didn't leave it in as good a condition. I have yet to do a beer rinse in place of the ACV but will report if and when I do this.

I'm also using my own facial cleanser now, this formula made from glycerine, rosehip oil and tea tree oil (a great antifungal/antibacterial). I can't recall if I added anything else, so will have to start again when I make the next batch. I basically looked at the ingredients in my last cleaner (Trilogy) and read a bit and came up with this. And it actually seems to make my skin look better than before.

But my daily drink of HACV in water could be doing that too (1T:1C). I highly recommend this and used to do it all the time when I was younger (along with taking brewers yeast and lecithin and countless other potions and tablets) but forgot until a friend started doing it. It really does seem to purify and clear my skin.

I have also yet to do any natural hair masks, but am keen to try banana and also avocado. And perhaps a hot oil treatment.

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