Jun 2, 2009

ACV sans honey

Just a quickie update. I ran out of honey apple cider vinegar, and as the two remaining bottles at the shop looked a bit motley I decided to go with straight apple cider vinegar. In hindsight I think the honey was adding a faint stickiness/heaviness to my hair, and as a result of using the apple cider vinegar my hair feels a lot lighter. I would still use the HAVC occasionally but not for all washes. I know some people only use the rinse every other wash but I feel my hair is still too dry for that still. On the subject of dryness, my ends don't have that parched feeling as they did when using shampoo. So either my hair is repairing, or the new wash is not as drying. Whatever the reason, great!

Must get that Mason Pearson brush. I haven't been religious with the morning and nightly brushing, which I should be doing to distribute the natural oils. Tut tut.


aubrey said...

pardon my asking but do you color your hair? is the bicarb/ACV taking the color out, if you do? i'm really interested in using this poo free method (as are my girlfriends at work) but we're alittle concerned about the color. although i guess isn't all that good either.
on a side note, my brother is going to school to be a hair stylest. they are definatley not teaching kids in school about any shampoo free methods.

Catherine said...

Hi Aubrey

Yes I do colour my hair (for many, many years). I had read that using the bicarb wash would fade the colour. I do my roots at home between visits (I have some errant greys, sigh) and the first time I washed with bicarb straight after my colour and yes it did strip it quite a lot. This time round I waited a couple of days after colouring and it all looks fine. I'll try and find some more info and post about this properly as I've been meaning too. Thanks for the reminder.

I doubt any hairdressing school would advocate no-shampoo. Don't schools and salons have deals with the shampoo co's? My previous salon was big into Redken (exclusively) and from what I gauged they got to go all sorts of conferences/training all over the world. Who knows what else they got. Getting in with salons and schools would be very profitable for the haircare companies.

Re-reading your question, ghave I answered correctly or are you wondering if you can still colour your hair? Plenty of no-poo followers colour their hair, it's just they change the way they way they care for it.

Good luck! And feel free to ask any further questions.

aubrey said...

thank you!
my friends and i love your blog. hopefully we'll be on the bi-carb wagon soon. thanks again for the help.

Sharpiegirl said...

how often are you washing your hair? Can it be used everyday?
I tried it for the first time last night and The Husband thought I was nuts until he touched and smelled my hair. Now he wants to try it out. he's got long beautiful locks...I'm curious how his curls will look afterwards.