Jun 29, 2009

Beauty Recipe | DIY Hairspray

"Dissolve a tsp of sugar with a teaspoon of salt in hot water, then pour into a plastic spray bottle. When cool distribute through the hair whenever you want a sexy tousled look with great hold."

Source: Zoe Irwin, creative director of Hari's hairdressers


Sharpiegirl said...

I'm trying this one this out. I wasn't sure how much water so I used about 1 cup.

Catherine said...

Hmm good point. The article didn't specify, however considering it says to put the ingredients in a spray bottle topped with water, and most bottles are 250mls, I would have gone with 1C too. I really want to try this too soon. With my current hairspray, I usually spray while holding my breath, then flee at great speed from the bathroom to avoid the plume of chemicals. Even moreso when I was pregnant.

I do find, though, using the bicarb washing method I don't use spray much at all now.

I look forward to hearing how it goes for you!

Sharpiegirl said...

I didn't wash my hair again this morning and just gave it a good once over (probably about 6-10 squirts from my spray on leave in moisturizer bottle that I've repurposed)
It seemed to revive the back of my hair better than the front. It looked pretty decent until about lunchtime when the top started looking like it needed a good wash. It's about 4:30 now and the back still looks pretty good. It gave it a lot of texture and toned down the frizzy beatup ends. I'll try it again tomorrow when it's cleaner.

Sharpiegirl said...

It seemed to leave my hair "dirty" looking and limp. I used it after washing my hair on Saturday. I think it looked a little dull too, no shine. I'm not sure if I will try it with a different ratio or not....I'm a Tejas girl and like my hair to have a little poof.

Catherine said...

Hmm what a shame. Thanks for taking one for the team though!

I might try coming up with something myself. Though I rarely need spray now, just the jojoba oil for light smoothing and conditioning. It does offer some texture too.

Heidi said...

In the 80's when my hair was quite big (lol) I used to use sugar water for hairspray. Worked good too.