Jul 22, 2009

no-poo for curly hair

I've received a couple of questions about the no-poo method for curly hair. My hair is (obviously) straight to slightly wavy, so I can't give first hand experience though there are many sites out there hosted by curly-haired girls. One method is washing hair with water only, followed by an ACV rinse.

With all no-poo methods you must massage your scalp properly (using fingertips, not fingernails, massaging thoroughly around the crown, temples, etc for about a minute). I think because regular shampoo lathers up so much we tend not to massage properly as the nasty sodium lauryl sulphate* does the work for us (*SLS is essentially a harsh, stripping detergent). In massaging properly, you may find you can ditch any cleansing products altogether (bicarb, etc) and just finish with an ACV rinse. I have read that this method can be successful for curly hair.

Here are a couple of links for curly hair. I am quite interested now to try the water only wash on my hair, and I'll report back.


Jill said...

thank you catherine! i really appreciate the info. i am going to try it out.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Catherine, you're right about just massaging without the bicarb. I chronicled my trials with the no-poo method on my curly hair for two weeks. A month later, I am still doing no-poo and have yet to use styling products! I get more compliments on it now than I ever have. Read all about it!