Apr 8, 2009

day one

Today the 'shampoo' felt like it was actually cleaning my hair, and the rinse seemed lighter than what I am used to from a conditioner but then I think I over-condition anyway. Once it was towel dried I rubbed a couple of drops of jojoba oil through it (I have long-term colour treated hair).

My hair has a lot of body and feels ever so slightly dry but totally fine. As I said, I think I over-condition so this is just a new feel for me. Funnily enough, since my haircut a few weeks back it looks the best todayI asked Brendan what he thought of my hair, and he said it looked good and had I coloured it? When I told him what I done, admittedly he pulled a face.

If I can get my hair looking good without spending all my money on expensive hair products with big claims how happy would I be?! More money for fabric perhaps.

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