Apr 21, 2009

day sixteen

I feel I've been doing this forever now (but obviously only sixteen days)! I've tried both a bicarb liquid and a bicarb paste formulation, and for my hair prefer the liquid. That is:

The Wash: 1C water with 1T baking soda/bicarb dissolved. Pour into a recycled shampoo bottle or similar, and pour over the hair. I often get 2-3 washes from a bottle, so obviously I'm using a lot less bicarb per wash than others might.

I did try the paste method (1T bicarb mixed with a little water to a paste, then worked into the scalp/hair) but it felt too drying for the way my hair is right now. Maybe I just left it in too long? Whatever the reason, I prefer the liquid/dilute version.

The Rinse: 2T honey cider vinegar in 1C water, poured into another bottle, which I then pour onto my hair. Again, this amount lasts a few washes.

To Finish: Once towel-dried, I rub a few drops of Jojoba oil through the mid lengths to ends. If blow drying, I apply the Jojoba oil first, and may add a touch more as a finisher depending on how my hair is looking/feeling. Jojoba oil is the closest to human hair and skin oil, and I find it is great for adding moisture and shine.

Since starting this my hair feels sufficiently clean and shiny, has plenty of body and texture, and has almost diminished my need for styling products with the exception of a little spray on occasion. When I tie it up or back, it holds better than it did when using conventional shampoos and conditioners. I found then that I needed products to thicken it up.

Here are some photos of my hair over the last week (natural/unstyled):

So, all in all, I am really happy with the way this is going and have no intention of stopping. I have yet to wash Lucy's hair with it, but am keen to do it soon as I've heard it helps with knots and tangles. Lucy is comb-shy now, so tends to have a head of tufty blonde hair. She's still beautiful though, tufts, tangles and knots aside!


The Lenarts said...

Came over from your blog as you have inspired me to no shampoo. I am on my day six with two washes in. So far my hair seems to have built more of a curl. Looking more natural and less freez. I used the watered down version and I use the whole cup. I will pick up little bottles at the store and try to make it last longer. I will also try to take pictures and email them to you. I don't know if you would be interested in that? Otherwise I'll just follow here.

Catherine said...

How exciting! Just do whatever works; if you use the whole bottle or not it doesn't matter. I just tried a few ways and found this works for me right now.

My hair actually looks more like healthy hair now. Funny huh.

I would be very interested to see your photos, and I am thinking I could have a gallery of images? Something for me to ponder, so email away. I look forward to your progress too!

erica said...

your hair looks great!