Apr 26, 2009

my week three and lucy's first wash

Lucy was pleased (sic) to have her first bicarb/HACV wash today. It didn't sting her lovely blue eyes, was overall very easy to do, and left her with the silkiest, shiniest, softest hair. I kept looking at it and touching it and remarking on it to Lucy. I am her mother though, and mothers do things like that. Seriously, I am super impressed and although she wouldn't let me give it a good brush, the parts I did manage to brush were done with relative ease. That's the main reason I wanted to try this for Lucy, as I've heard its great for knots and tangles. So fingers crossed it does the trick. If so, Lucy may even warm to hair brushing again.

Also, I am still really pleased with how this is going for me. I have to say again, and this might sound odd, my hair looks like real hair again. Rather than going fly-away when I brush it, the more I brush it the better it looks. Full of body and feeling nicely moisturised. To hell with shampoo! And still using only a little spray on the odd day. No other styling products at all (despite a drawer full of them). And if you knew me, you would say that in itself was a miracle.

So exciting.


Krissie said...

Wow, your hair looks great! Honestly I was dubious that going shampoo free would work, but it looks like you will be buying lots more fabric and a lot less shampoo!!!

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Looking fantastic! Well done. xox

Claudia said...

I joined the shampoo-free adventure last Saturday, when I had my free bicarb "shampoo". I used the solution formula, and I was very very pleased with the result! My hair was looking really great, full of body and shining. Next time I will try the paste formula, just to see what works better!
Thank you Catherine, you are always a source of inspiration!

Catherine said...

I was a bit weary too, thinking how could this work.

Yay Claudia! So cool that you've joined in, and a surprise too. Isn't it great? So far I have absolutely nothing to complain about, and spend far less time obsessing over my hair. The icing on the cake is that it will be a money saver.

Hi to Agata from Lucy!

alice said...

catherine i would love try going shampoo free do you think it would suit my fine and limp hair? and i can't seem to find honey apple cider vinegar here i could only found apple cider vinegar do you think it might work, too? did you get jojoba oil from health shop or from food store? thanks!! i really hope this would work for me and make my hair healthier as i have very weak hair. my hair falls out all the time!

Catherine said...

Greetings Alice!

I never thought your hair was fine and limp, rather silky and curtain-like. Don't worry about the honey apple cider vinegar, most people just use the apple cider vinegar anyway. The honey provides a little more moisture, which my hair needs. I doubt yours does. I have seen jojoba oil for sale at health stores, pharmacies and recently at supermarkets, so you should readily be able to find it. A lot of people use coconut oil too, I just prefer jojoba as it's closest to human hair and skin oil.

This should give your hair a lot more volume. Let me know how you get on; I'll be very interested in your progress :)

Pam said...

See...I have the same problem as Alice, fine hair. But that leans toward oily. If i skip a wash, it's very oily. Very...but the ends are dry.
I'm thinking about trying it....I haven't tried the baking soda wash. I've only tried the ACV rinse alone. maybe the soda will be the key.