Apr 8, 2009

in the beginning

I've been seeing a lot of this no-shampoo lifestyle lately and am intrigued. I'm sure it's been going on for quite some time, but just this week I've started noticing it.

I confess I am a serious hair product junkie. If there were a support group (HA perhaps?) I should be attending it, heading it perhaps. Mum used to joke about me and my hair, and my obsession to get it looking just right (whatever 'just right' meant). Perhaps the influence of too many Vogue magazines at a tender age?

Lately, and given it's probably partly post-partum talking, my hair has been dismal. Today it has been lank and lifeless and has been making me feel the same. And this is after using $40 shampoo and $30 conditioner not to mention expensive styling products! To think I almost bought a $50 Kerastase product the other day in the hope of 'silky, lustrous hair'. I'm so glad I didn't get suckered in like I might have in the past.

So today, and it was the best possible day to start this given the description of my hair (above), I started the no-shampoo trial.

The formulation I am using is:

Shampoo: 1T baking soda to 1C warm water (dissolved)

Conditioner/Rinse: 2T HACV (honey apple cider vinegar) to 1C warm water

For as long as I do this (which could be days or weeks or months) I'll document my progress.

No-Poo Links (just a few of the many around):http://www.naturalfamilyonline.com/go/index.php/389/why-you-should-go-no-poo/http://web.mac.com/jfmori/iWeb/nz/No%20Shampoo%20Experiment/No%20Shampoo%20Experiment.html

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